Valentine’s Day for Him

Valentine's Day for Him :: Gift List :: as featured on Gifts with Bows #giftswithbows #GWB

:: 1. Classic Stick Umbrella by Totes $18.62 :: 2. Wireless In-Ear Headphones by Beats $199.95 :: 3. Electric Kettle by Cuisinart $83.99 :: 4. Bittman Cookbook $21 :: 5. JAM Guitar Input $99 ::

Notes: GWB has you covered: 1. the professional, 2. the athlete, 3. the tea drinker or the pour over coffee guy, 4. the cook or should be cook, 5. the guitar tinkerer

My husband received both the umbrella and cookbook this past year and uses both regularly. We also have an electric kettle at home that often goes to work for us multiple times a day.


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