Stitch Fix… Curious?

Stitch Fix

Curious? Give it a try. Tried it? Gift it to a friend and share the wealth.

“Give the gift of personal style” and order a gift card (mail, email or print).

Note: I have ordered a few fixes over the past few years and let me just say this: surprise clothes on your doorstep is never not fun. You’re welcome. And full disclosure– the link above is a referral link. Once you sign up you will get your own referral link to share with friends. How does it work? When a pal places her first order with your referral link you’ll get $25 in credit. Pretty great.


Valentine’s Day for Him

Valentine's Day for Him :: Gift List :: as featured on Gifts with Bows #giftswithbows #GWB

:: 1. Classic Stick Umbrella by Totes $18.62 :: 2. Wireless In-Ear Headphones by Beats $199.95 :: 3. Electric Kettle by Cuisinart $83.99 :: 4. Bittman Cookbook $21 :: 5. JAM Guitar Input $99 ::

Notes: GWB has you covered: 1. the professional, 2. the athlete, 3. the tea drinker or the pour over coffee guy, 4. the cook or should be cook, 5. the guitar tinkerer

My husband received both the umbrella and cookbook this past year and uses both regularly. We also have an electric kettle at home that often goes to work for us multiple times a day.


Gift Guide: The Cat Lover

Cat Lovers :: Gift List :: as featured on Gifts with Bows #giftswithbows #GWB

:: 1. Felt Planter $24 :: 2. Ice Cube Tray $10.20 :: 3. Cat Watch $5.94 :: 4. Phone Stand $20.75 :: 5. Cat Initial Necklace $32 :: 6. Pair of Mugs $17.98 ::

Note: The ice cube tray, watch, phone stand and pair of mugs are all available on Amazon, and the felt planter and cat initial necklace are handcrafted by Etsy artists: Stella Melgrati’s The Yarn Kitchen and A Brilliant Impression out of Texas, respectively.

I bought the pair of mugs for my Aunts this past Christmas and it was a hit– highly recommend.


Lucite Monogram by Happy Valley Goods

Happy Valley Goods :: Lucite Monogram :: $75 :: as featured on Gifts with Bows #giftswithbows #GWB

For your sweet friends on their way to the alter

To adorn a bedroom, whether nursery, teen lounge or grown up bunk

Or even for the office… for day one on the job, or ten years in

Buy here for $75

Note: Happy Valley Goods is “a family business that is committed to creating and producing cutting edge products and decor that will increase the visual happiness in your home, office, or classroom.” A Lucite monogram? Consider my visual happiness to be in excellent condition.


Tooth Fairy Boxes by Beehive Handmade

Beehive Handmade :: Tooth Fairy Boxes :: $32 :: as featured on Gifts with Bows #giftswithbows #GWB

For your child, grandchild, God daughter/son or niece/nephew:

a perfect gift when he or she loses a first tooth

Or better yet, gift this to an expecting mama for her soon to be sweet kiddo

Buy here for $32

Special Note: Beehive Handmade is made up of a pair of lovely and highly credentialed artists, Sandra Bonazoli and Jim Dowd. Sandra teaches at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Jim “has personally soldered most of the architectural metalwork in Bill Gates’ house”. Their collaborative work has been exhibited at the Museum of Arts & Design in NYC.