Guest Gifter: Aubrey Taylor, Health & Fitness Phenom

Drop and give me 20! Well more like 5. As in 5 minutes of your day to introduce you to the incredible Aubrey Taylor, an amazingly talented health & fitness phenom based in Upstate New York. She is well known for getting brides-to-be in tip top shape to say “I do!”. Today she is is taking over Gifts with Bows to give you great gift ideas for the fitness fanatics (and newbies) in your life– especially those who are headed to the alter. And if you’re the one who just set a date, take note! It’s always a good time to round out your own personal wishlist! OK, enough from me, take it away Mrs. Taylor:

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1. Tank $15-18 | 2. 6 Pack Innovator 300 $79.99 | 3. Nike Sneaks, Similar $109.99 | 4. Fabletics Capris in Dark Pink (VIP pricing $34.95 + another 70% off your first order) | 5. Nike Headbands $15 | 6. BlenderBottle $14.99

One of the first things brides think about when they get engaged is how they want to look on their wedding day.  Many times this causes stress or anxiety, in addition to all the normal wedding planning.  With these gifts, a newly engaged gal will have all the tools to get going on their health and fitness goals.  I don’t know about you, but new workout clothes can be a motivator for me – so what a perfect time to freshen up your gym gear!

Your gym attire needs to be comfortable, breathable, and something that makes you feel amazing.  I stumbled upon Fabletics a few months ago and I am in love!  They have amazing tops and bottoms – but my favorite is their leggings.  It’s so hard to find leggings that will stay up throughout your workout.  New sneakers are a given and Nike has always been my go-to.  The Free line is so light and comfy – perfect for cross-training!  Plus, they come in tons of bright, pretty colors.  Lastly, you’ll need to sport something that shows of your fabulous engaged self – your “Sweating For The Wedding” tank!  Pull all of these together and you’ll be filled with confidence wherever you choose to break a sweat!

As we all know, getting into shape or losing weight is not all about hitting the gym.  Nutrition plays a BIG role.  I am a big believer in being prepared and prepping all meals ahead of time.  I LIVE for my meal prep bag and blender bottles.  This meal prep bag, made my 6 Pack Fitness is huge and it keeps everything cold all day long.  I put in everything I need for the day, and have it with me.  This bag can fit FOUR Blender Bottles which is perfect for my pre and post workout drinks!  These products are perfect for getting in my meals between clients and teaching classes!

Quick Info on Aubrey

Aubrey Taylor Health & Fitness is a business focused on women’s health and wellness.  We provide private one-on-one training session, group classes, nutrition counseling, and more.  We specialize in bridal fitness through the Fit Fabulous Bride side of the business.  Our goal is to empower women and help them reach their goals.  Every woman should feel amazing in their own skin!

Hint from the Editor

Aubrey offers online training, so you can get fit with Aubrey even if you’re strapped for time or live across the country. That said, if you are local and you’re feeling inspired, check out her 1:1 and group options.

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Travel Mug by Ashley Brooke Designs

Ashely Brooke Designs :: Travel Mug :: $24 :: as featured on Gifts with Bows #giftswithbows #GWBGive her a little inspiration for her morning commute–

a darling gift that practically shouts, “Be happy! You’re awesome!”

Buy here for $24

NOTE: Ashley Brooke is a party. Her designs are the champagne. Ashley says she’s on a mission to make every day just a bit more fancy. Five minutes spent looking at her bright and cheery inventory can pretty much guarantee you feelings of extreme fanciness. Try it. Then follow her on Instagram.


Polished Medallion Clutch by Market Colors

GWB Review :: Market Colors :: Polished Medallion Clutch :: $36 :: #giftswithbows #gwb #marketcolors

Polished Medallion Clutch c/o Market Colors | $36 $28.80

(yup, you get 20% off the original price with code GIFTSWITHBOWS*)

You may remember GWB’s first introduction to Market Colors featuring their darling Mint Burst necklace this past winter. Well, after learning about the mission of this brilliant gem of a company I decided there was so much more to share about what it means to purchase something made by their partner artisans. I wanted to get a feel for the quality and see for myself the details and handiwork I had only admired through their online shop.

Before I tell you about the clutch itself, let me just take a moment to share the care and joy put into the packaging. I was delighted with their liberal use of darling washi tape, sweet hand written notes, and beautiful reminders of what this purchase means to the person who crafted it. Yes, you actually get to learn about WHO made each piece. These clutches in particular are made by women of Kenya. It all just felt so special and intimate.

I opened the clutch, neatly wrapped in tissue paper, and it immediately put a smile on my face. The fabric is a soft and vibrant cotton– mine is a bold shade of plum. It keeps its shape well, but doesn’t feel too stiff. It is lined and stays closed with a magnetic clasp closure. You can fit everything you need inside for a night out: keys, phone, wallet and gloss. It has great versatility to be dressed up for a wedding or down for a casual lunch with friends. Ultimately (and most importantly) I would definitely be proud to give this as a gift because it is simply lovely through and through– aesthetically and at its heart.

*Use code GIFTSWITHBOWS for 20% off all styles of the Polished Medallion Clutch. Mine is in plum, but you can also choose from slate, teal, navy, and tribal print. The code will be active until 8am on Friday, June 5th.

Be sure to use hashtag #marketcolors on Instagram to show this company how you style your clutch or any other accessories you pick up from their shop. Some of my favorites are: the mint burst necklace, the day at the sea necklace, and the flora stackable bracelet set.

To get connected with Market Colors (hint: they do giveaways on social media!) follow them on Instgram, Pintrest, Facebook, and Twitter).