You can contact me via email me at kate(at) with questions about GWB or to chat about partnering. Can’t wait to hear from you!


This is the heart of GWB—getting great gifts into the hands of the givers. This is a place where readers get a lovely blend of gift ideas featuring both well-known brands and hidden gems. I can’t wait to work with you to inspire some seriously amazing gift prospects! I only write positive reviews and opinions shared are always my own. I have a no-risk policy in place to protect both of us. Here’s how it works: if you send a sample to be reviewed and upon closer look I don’t feel it’s a true with the GWB brand I will ship it back to you. This policy only applies when you confirm a product review with me. If you send items without a confirmation I will not return them (time is precious, friends!). See examples of product reviews (one, two, three, four).


Product giveaways and contests can be done with or without a product review. I offer these on the blog and/or on social media platforms. If you’re looking to grow your audience in a specific space, we can tailor an event to make that happen. Or maybe you want to try one of those loop giveaways you’ve seen on Insta. Let’s figure out what works best for you. See examples here and here.


Come play editor for a day at Gifts with Bows and share you point of view on the best gifts for an occasion or audience that is special to you, whether you’re a blogger, subject enthusiast or professional (GWB has worked with all three). We will work together to come up with several on-brand gift items, I’ll do the graphics and your intro and you’ll tell readers why your gift picks are too good to pass up! See examples here and here and here.


Whether you’re a full scale retail operation or just getting your footing on Etsy, GWB is a darling place to show off a brand with giftable merchandise. With fall rolling in, it’s an ideal time to catch the eye of holiday shoppers. Let’s chat about getting your ad reader-ready.


I am on the look out to collaborate in a few festive ways, so if you are a company looking to partner up to put out a gift wrap line, a gift tracking notebook/notepad, occasion cards, or anything else that fits the “lovely, darling, sweet and charming” brand at GWB I’m all ears!


I’ve had several inquiries about writing outside of GWB, so let’s get this addressed! If you are struggling to get your brand to shine through in your product descriptions I would love to lend a hand. See a recent example of my work here. And yes, I do all of GWB’s graphics, so if you need a little assistance in that department let me know and we’ll chat it out.


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