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If you haven’t heard of Rocksbox, allow me to make a short and sweet introduction to this premium jewelry service (CODE FOR A FREE MONTH BELOW):

Rocksbox is for a busy gal who loves to dress up her work or casual wear with fun and current accessories. As a mom of two little kiddos, I am thrilled to pieces if I have enough time to shop for a new outfit let alone a new pair of earrings. So while I love a pulled-together look, it’s tough to think about what I have in the jewelry box that will match my outfit as I’m flying out the door Monday through Friday mornings. I’m thanking my lucky stars if I get to blow dry my hair– who’s with me?

Enter Rocksbox— all I needed to do was take a quick style survey and days later I have a fresh little collection of darling jewelry on my doorstep. I love that I can try each piece out and either wear once without the guilt of an investment, or re-wear and even buy if I fall in love. Once I return my Rocksbox I’ll be sent a brand new 3-piece collection and I can do this over and over for as long as I’m an insider (member).

Another perk about Rocksbox is that you get introduced to designers that fit your style. When I got my Rocksbox I immediately looked up the designers, curious about their brands and what else they had to offer. Of course I was gleefuly anticipating what would arrive in my first Rocksbox. I was delighted to find Chloe Heart Studs and the Mae Shimmer Ring, both by Gorjana and the Ariana Necklace by Perry Street. All three coordinate splendidly as a set, but work well solo, too. You get to build a wishlist once you become an insider, so if you like any of these pieces you can specifically request them.

Rocksbox is a perfect gift for any accessory-loving lady and can be given three different ways (or your can sign up to become a Shine Insider yourself!):

For the next 30 days use this code during checkout at receiveĀ  1 MONTH FREE:


If you are reading this after 30 days, you will still get 50% of your first month with the code: katehammerxoxo. This is a referral code, so I will benefit as well, so let me just say thank you ahead of time to anyone who signs up! Shared win– delight!